What is Intelligent Exercise?

Intelligent Exercise is a holistic fitness practice that focuses on connectedness between mind and body. This practice focuses on imbuing every movement with energetic purpose, allowing you to hone your body’s instincts and intuition. Each part of the body is connected; intelligent exercise allows us to acknowledge the entire orchestra instead of just one instrument. 

To an outsider, Intelligent Exercise may appear to be less strenuous and have finer movements than other forms of exercise; however, these techniques are a more efficient and effective exercise because they initiate intrinsic muscle use over primary muscles. Each movement is made with intention and a focus on proper form, structural and spatial awareness, and conscious breath, synchronizing the physical and mental self.

There is no “dumb” exercise, only unconscious exercise. Without an understanding and connectedness between body and mind, “unconscious” exercise can result in unbalanced muscle development, wear on joints, and even permanent injury. 

The intelligence of the body is energy, where the intelligence of the brain is consciousness. – B.K.S. Iyengar