A private training program specializing in eclectic functional fitness.

Monkeytail Intelligent Exercise (MIE) is a private training program where Eastern philosophies and Western fitness knowledge join to create a unique and eclectic program of conscious functional fitness that promotes proper skeletal organization and muscular development. 

MIE offers private group classes and customized 1-on-1 training for all ages and functional levels in a nurturing, calming environment. Founder Rita Madlock draws from a broad range of techniques to develop functional movements that are highly efficient, creative, and easy to understand. Monkeytail classes and private sessions can help you to improve functional health, strengthen and lengthen muscles and bones, heal injuries, lessen chronic pain, improve athletic form, and develop a deeper connection between body and mind. Programs are not equipment dominant; your own body is your best exercise equipment.

Experience the diverse format of functional fitness trainer Rita Madlock – and discover what intelligent exercise can do to transform both your mind and body regardless of your activities, physical abilities, age, or lifestyle. It’s the fitness in you, about you.