Monkeytail Intelligent Exercise

Our private studio is located on
East Haley Street in Santa Barbara.

Hours by Appointment Only

T: +1 805 845 0000

Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Rita of Monkeytail is a dedicated professional whose power of observation is remarkable and her knowledge of the human anatomy extensive. She has the innate ability to know exactly what you need, and has proven this to me time and again over the past four years.

Initially I saw her for a snowboarding injury, but over time she has transformed my thoughts regarding exercise. She has enabled me to become more flexible, taller and stronger, both in body and spirit. Rita is special soul with a kind heart, whose purpose is to help you improve YOU.
— Susan Jordano

How do I enroll in classes or reserve a private training session?
Please email or call to schedule your APE assessment before joining a group class pod or private training session. We welcome people of all ages and fitness levels. All training is pre-paid. You can purchase a series of classes or private sessions or pay as you go in advance of each session. You may purchase a 10 week pod card, or 8 sessions of private training/duet/trios at a discount. 

Can I drop in?
Visitors are welcome but note that all sessions are private. If you wish to join a class or private session you must first enroll in an assessment.

Should I enroll in group classes or private training sessions? Which is better for me?
Private sessions are recommended if you are recovering from injury, are just starting out, or would like more one-on-one interaction and a customized training plan. Pods (private small group classes) are recommended if you would like the support and motivation that can come from training with others in a nurturing, positive environment.

Can my child enroll in a class or private session?
Yes! Children 13 and up are usually mature enough to join group pods, and children of any age may enjoy private sessions. Rita has over 25 years of experience creating training programs for children of all ages, and teenagers in particular can benefit from private training in order to improve athletic form and avoid injury.

What payment types do you accept?
We accept cash, checks and credit cards. 

What is your cancellation policy?
Notice must be given by phone or email at least 48 hours before the scheduled session if you are unable to attend.