Rita Madlock, Founder

For over 20 years, Rita Madlock has been a fitness instructor, presenter, developer, and manager. She is a graduate of Bay View High School of the Performing Arts, and of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. As the founder of Wisconsin's Equinox Centre and Santa Barbara’s Monkeytail Intelligent Exercise, she has taught her unique exercise program internationally. 

Rita’s blend of Eastern philosophies and Western fitness techniques incorporates movement theories from her studies in dance, including classical ballet, modern jazz, hip hop, funk, Latin, and ballroom; as well as mind-body fitness principles from Pilates Rehabilitation, Gyrotonic® Expansion Systems, and Jivamukti yoga. An avid student of Eastern medicine, she also applies Ayurvedic principles and an intuitive understanding of each individual’s needs to develop a holistic approach to improving functional health and fitness. 

As a designer of fitness facilities, Rita focuses on creating "conscious interiors,” which promote mind and body integration for the practitioner.   

As a fitness instructor, Rita is focused not only on teaching fitness techniques but on providing education about anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Rita not only helps students to develop their physical form and a stronger understanding of body mechanics; her goal is also to help each student to develop a deep energetic connectedness between body and mind, and a greater sense of self. 

After all, “She has flying monkeys and she knows how to use them!”

Don Demonteverde, Instructor

Originally from Bacolod, a small city in the Philippines, Don grew up in Southern California, where he helped operate an elder care facility with his parents for over 15 years. Don exudes a true Zen presence at MIE. As both a skilled caregiver and trainer, he demonstrates a deep and caring intuition for his clients’ needs. 

Don's lifelong passion for fitness and bodybuilding led him to an apprenticeship with Rita Madlock, founder of Monkeytail Intelligent Exercise. He has completed over 200 hours of instructor training at MIE and over two years of studies towards an LVN nursing certification. After completing his degree at nursing school, Don joined MIE as a studio manager and instructor. He now leads Monkey Bar, a progressive Zen weight training program at MIE. Together Rita and Don work as a unified team, combining both structural and muscular development techniques: “Rita aligns, Don defines!”  

 Rita Madlock

Rita Madlock

Rita is an exceptionally gifted person whose skills go well beyond any simple professional description such as body or athletic trainer. She is a healer in the best sense of the word whose insight and knowledge can help and educate people on how to better take care of their bodies. I feel blessed to know and work with Rita Madlock and give her my very highest recommendation.
— Michael Kloit, M.D. Professor of Neurosurgery & Director of the Peripheral Nerve Center, Northwestern University