Athletic Performance Evaluation (APE) 

90 minutes - required prior to enrollment in private training and pods 

Many athletes are shocked to discover the lack of ability to support their own limbs in space when their skeletal system is properly aligned. They are often operating the body’s most important engineering with very little consciousness of its mechanical intention and purpose. We have the opportunity to manage this body organization all day long as we consciously use air and gravity to condition our bodies.  

Our goal is to teach you how to manage and harvest the best performance from your body’s engineered design, thus preventing future injuries and enhancing overall body conditioning. As a result of skeletal organization, soft tissue and muscle usage will respond to the demands of maintaining proper skeletal alignment. Bones remodel and are strengthened, and soft tissue, muscle fibers, tendons, and nerves all tone as a byproduct of your body’s organization and the demand of space upon it. This results in improved strength, flexibility, range of motion, and most importantly, injury prevention. For those who are already injured, this can assist in more rapid healing and recovery.

Rita has an uncanny ability to rapidly pick up on what a person needs to work on to improve not only his or her physical health, but also their emotional and psychological wellbeing. This uncanny ability to zoom in on areas that need work allows her to customize a program of exercises that treat underlying weaknesses that often are the root cause of many secondary consequences that lead to poor posture and chronic pain problems.
— Michel Kliot, M.D. Professor of Neurosurgery & Director of the Peripheral Nerve Center, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

During an APE assessment, we analyze your anatomical form and functional use, allowing you to see where your strengths and weaknesses are appearing in your skeletal frame based on your skeletal and energetic alignment. By focusing on the innermost aspect of your anatomy – the skeletal frame – we’re able to work outward, aligning your entire body spatially, and noting how your aligned skeleton responds to the demand of space put upon it. If you’re unable to support your limbs in space from an organized axis, you should not be putting much more demand on the skeleton until some level of proficient organization is achieved. 

Individual Private Training 

60 minutes


This is an individualized program using a mix of genres and equipment focused on your needs based on your APE assessment regardless of age, fitness level or capability. Training goals can include improving athletic performance, pregnancy & postpartum strength and recovery, physical therapy “pre-hab” and rehab, and more. Select one of our Signature programs, or we'll custom design a program to fit your specific needs.

In-home and Online Private Training

Varies based on program needs

Over the past 5 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to train with Rita Madlock at Monkeytail Intelligent Exercise. It has been a life changing experience for me. She has taught me how important it is to train both my mind and body at the same time. Each workout is customized based upon my needs; she has pushed me, encouraged me, and helped me live smarter, all in a nurturing environment. I have NEVER had a BETTER training experience in my life.
— Beth Perry

Keep practicing what you learned, reinforce technique, and help your motivation – when you're at home or away. We bring personalized training to you, anywhere you are, subject to schedule and availability. For those not in the Santa Barbara area, we also offer a customized remote training program with check-ins and instruction via videoconference and phone.

Personalized life coaching to assist you with getting to know you, nurturing your mental health and its relationship to all aspects of your life. Mental calisthenics for lifting that joy ceiling and consciousness management of your MonkeyMind business.

MonkeyMind Matters

60 minutes

Duets & Trios

60 minutes

Private training in groups of two or three – ideal for partners or friends who want to continue education and training beyond APE assessment and individual sessions. It's all about you: choose from one of our Signature Programs or design your own; pick your own partner or join others.


Small Group Classes (Pods)

60 minutes - call for schedule

Structured group conditioning classes with no more than 6 students. You receive more personal attention than traditional group classes and there is no distinction between class levels or ability - everything is about technique. Class themes and focus rotate each month. Reserve spots in advance for each 10 week pod series.

Enhanced Athletic Performance – Conscious sports training for the athlete who wants to know more about their physical and mental relationship to their sport. Primary focus is on linking mind and body through conscious breathing, utilizing this most vital energy source to enhance all athletic performance. Ah... the breath, never leave home without it. 

YoGolf – Experience innovative mind and body fitness that will promote heightened golf performance and greater spinal and joint health.

Kiddie Got Yoga – There is nothing like a group of little Monkeys having a joyful time learning basic anatomy from their perspective. Explore and soar – your little monkeys will enjoy this workshop for sure.

Signature Workshops

90 minutes

Join founder Rita Madlock and learn to apply and teach the same techniques she uses in her Monkeytail programs. Introductory conditioning programming includes:

  • Basic structural anatomy and terminology
  • Anatomical-spatial relationship
  • Applied functional usage

8 hour weekend APE/TightAss Certification - Sessions are split into two 4-hour training days giving an introduction to APE and TightAss pod instruction.

200 hour MIE Certification - Customized to individual trainers' time schedule. Encompasses introduction to APE, Monthly Conditioning Program Curriculum and 20 hours of anatomy overview.

Scholarship and apprenticeships are available. Contact us for more details on schedule and availability.

Instructor Training

200 hour training program


Onsite training, assessments and workshops for your business. Keep your employees happy, fit, and engaged with custom exercise programs, ergonomics assessments, and fitness-at-work workshops. Contact us to design a program that's right for you and your employees.

Corporate Wellness

3 hours minimum